'...just the job for cutting out fire wood' Basil, Portsmouth

Introducing Timber Teeth - the best thing to happen to DIY since the Workmate!

Timber Teeth is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to convert the ever-popular Workmate-type workbench into a strong, sturdy saw horse, making it perfect for sawing up logs of all sizes, joinery timbers and plastic piping.


Gone are the days of struggling dangerously, kneeling on your workmate, holding the wood down with one hand and sawing, and maybe slipping, with the other - risking a serious accident.


Simply slot the Timber Teeth brackets (there's 1 pair in each box) into the top wooden vice jaws of the workmate, tighten the handles, put the item to be sawn into the teeth and you'll find that they'll grip the wood or plastic, holding it secure while you concentrate on the sawing.