​How does Timber Teeth work?


It couldn't be easier. Simply slot your Timber Teeth brackets between the top wooden vice jaws of the Workmate, then tighten up the handles and you're ready to go - sit your log, timber or pipe onto the teeth and you'll find that the teeth 'bite' into the wood, or indeed the plastic, giving you a great, confidence-inspiring base to saw in safety.. 


Who is Timber Teeth suitable for?


Anybody! Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, have a wood-burning stove to fuel, or even a builder or joiner who does a lot of sawing throughout the day - you'll find yourself using your Timber Teeth for all sorts of different sawing tasks. All you need is the ever-popular Workmate-type workbench, and with over 30 million out there, it's a pretty popular tool for amateurs and professionals alike..


Is Timber Teeth strong?


Very. Timber Teeth is made from 2.5mm steel - it has to be strong otherwise it wouldn't be fit for purpose. With an estimated maximum load of around 40kg, Timber Teeth can handle any logs you're strong enough to put on it!

​How many Timber Teeth Brackets come in a box?


1 pair. Timber Teeth was designed on the principle that a log would only ever be in contact with 2 edges of a saw horse, if Timber Teeth was a 3 part system, it would only ever be in contact with 2 of those brackets and presenting the product as a 3 part system would render the price uncompetitive and therfore commercial unviable.

How do I buy Timber Teeth?


Both the original green painted and improved galvanised Timber Teeth are available to buy with fast delivery from our Ebay shop. Please click here to go to Ebay


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